Friday, August 19, 2011


(Sigh)..So yesterday me and my printer had a little alone time together, updating my CV n'all. I've just been printing like there's no tomorrow I've got at least 30 CV's printed and I'm hoping to do another ten or so more just in case anything else comes up :)

I'm going back up to my University and hoping to scatter them all over the town before the term begins. Only problem being I don't actually get my room until October so i have to commute until then which really sucks because the transition of students coming in and out of jobs is from the start of summer June, July time until September, so really its gonna be a bit of a slog to work around me as i wont be a resident in the area until October which gives me less of a chance of snapping up a Saturday job than the rest :( poopy

Can someone please tell me what has happened to PRINTED CV'S??? Everything is done online now and sometimes its just a hassle, don't you think? What buggs me is now when you hand in a CV at a store and they say "sorry you have to apply online" -  but can't i just hand this into you now as have have it in my hand -"no sorry its done online now", how annoying is that.. I REALLY? I MEAN REALLY? Hope I don't hear that this time because my experience with online applications such as Body Shop,M&S and Boots were a flipping nightmare..

Do you know what really bugs me about 'online jobs' or 'online applications', is that filling out information on yourself and what you're looking for NEVER EVER matches up to anything they want??? They make you sign up to a jobs account so you can fill all the baloney in and answer random questions for example boots I've made about 3 accounts or should i say attempts and I've been through a good 20 Min's or grilling to find out theres no jobs in my area!! SAME with marks and Spenser's a year ago i tried applying there as i had a friend who worked in the women's wear section of the store, she told me if i made and account and went through the whole sha-bang that it said right at the very end to agree to working 18hrs a week at this time i was in my final year of Alevels and did NOT have time to work those hours at all.. all i wanted was a Saturday or a Sunday.. simples? No... so I went through the LONGGGG process (even longer than boots from what I remember) I came to the end and there was the question, I thought about it and said "Mehh I'm not going to look like a Liar in a interview when they say are you happy to start Monday yeah?" Noooo..

So i did the right/ wrong thing and clicked off the18hrs..and clicked the next page --> "sorry as you have stated you cannot fully work 18hrs a week you do not meet our criteria"; something along those lines of a disappointing rejection lol and to top it of M&S locked me out of my account and stoped me submitting another application for 4 months!! 4 MONTHS??? REALLY?.. has anyone else has these sorts of problems with online job applications or is it just me??? :/

Big apologies for my rant anyone else had any good or bad experiences with online CV's?

Speak soon :)