Thursday, June 2, 2011

[Sunkissed Active Cosmetics] - Lost & Found

Now i was fishing around in my makeup draws the other day and found this SUNKISSED palette i got for Christmas this past year, pushed it to the back just because i found its packaging to be cheap and well i knew the brand was sold in Argos.

Now if you don't know what Argos is its a catalog company which tends to have a little reputation of being cheap and most of the items I've purchase Ive had to send back due to the fact it breaks easily or it has an immediate fault.. 
I must sound like a makeup snob or something but honestly seeing the pee sized makeup applicator's in the bottom just made me cringe..

After looking closer I felt like HITTING MYSELF!! Theres 6 Lurrrrrvvvlyyy eye shadows, 2 bronzers, 3 lip gloss's. Over all i DEFIANTLY WILL BE USING THE EYE SHADOWS!! :D when i swatched them they were REALLY soft to touch! The bronzers however i feel are two orangey and dark for me :(.  

I Hope this helped people if your looking for some inexpensive palettes, great for the summer and taking on holiday!

Love Emma xoxo

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