Thursday, August 25, 2011

Colours of the World..Spice up your life.. ♫

Did you like that Spice Girl flash back? :)
Girls I just had to blog about this. In my latest post you'll have known I took a trip up to my uni to hand out cv's and I did a stop of window shopping! I'll be sure to blog about cv's asap IF I have a success story (fingers crossed.) Now if your a fashion addict like me you'll know this summer's Fashion trend was all about BOLD COLOURS, girls throw out your pastel blues because FUCHSIA PINK is all about town :D



Above you can see sexy celebs such as, Kim K and Cheryl Cole
Rocking the brightest orange and purple looks of the season.


Although here you can see the High Streets take on the trend,
as a more young hip and out there vibe.

If your like me when I first saw this trend I was a bit like..'OH MY GAWDD!! BLUE PANTS?' :O You'll probably have thought only the stars can pull it off or perhaps the popular girl in school, but this is not true, I think if your scared of this look a few statement pieces for your wardrobe wouldn't hurt a bit. Start with small things like handbags or clutches/earrings/belts etc these will make your outfit POP on a night out or even in the day. :)

However I went for shoes.....LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!! Holly jamolly I've never and I mean NEVER had anything like this before, so it's a major first for me. Girls do you have any suggestions for what to wear with these? lol I'm thinking Black or Cream bodycon skirt; With one of the colours out of the shoe in maybe a crop top?..
hmm - time will tell. :)


As I'm starting University this September and freshers week will be the BOMB; I know everyone is going to go all out on fashion. If you don't know already I'm going to a ARTS University which specialises in Fashion and graphics.

Which one am i specialising in? Graphics..why? Because i love it :D
sooo I'm gonna be up against the best..well all the new fashion students anyway! lol


Whilst we we're visitng my uni my Boyfriend Lee and I we're looking around town and He was every so kind and lovely to treat me to these BABIES!! :D As i am JOBLESS ;'( WAAAA. They were £29.99 from this random store called HYPE? :/

Quick bit of info..if you know me you'll know, I'm not the sort of girl who takes gifts lightly from lee as.. 1) He is 26, with his own job, flat and car;  which is payed  for by his hard earned money. His earnings are in no way mine to take!
2) I have worked to earn my own money since the age of 16 and I can still recall the day Mum handed me the news paper, folder the page over on the job section and said
"you get yourself a job and you can pay for the makeup clothes etc now!!'' She pointed to an add for a hair salon - searching for a Saturday girl. 

So i snapped up a neat little job back then, worked there for a year and have had jobs ever since. To me it is the most satisfying thing as a woman to make your own money and spend it/save it or give it to others! BILLS BILLS BILLS ♫; Beyonce spokes person right here! lol  

To cut a long story short I never let lee by me something unless I can pay it back or contribute to it as well (unless its my burrrfday :D then he can go wild, haha only kindding)..

So i exchanged an outfit gift card with him, which had £15 on it. The gift card which was given as a present which i am very greatful for; however any girl will know that £15 doesn't get you far in TOPSHOP, DORTHY PERKINS & MISS SELFRIDGE and knowing me I'd just by the first necklace i saw in TOPSHOP and probably never wear it again because it would go black. But in all honesty I like buying items which are investments, which i can get alot out of and enjoy;and Boyyyyyy these shoes are gonna have a great time!! lol

So I'm getting off track here really sorry people.. Lee spent the gift card on a few V neck tops and a denim shirt.  


                            THE SHOEEEESS!!!

OK I will admit I had to touch up my legs a little because I'm only HUMAN and shaving HURTS lol No I'm just kidding it wasn't that bad, but still I knew it was there haha. :P
But how good do they look ayy??? ;) The orange makes my feet look more tanned which is always a plus!  

Nowww tell me.. what do you think people? LOVE OR HATE!?! Personally they are my New favorite thing in my wardrobe. Their so Bright and Colourful, I think they certainly depict the new chapter in my life that's deep lol 

On my Toeziees - RIMMEL LONDON 630 BE A STAR

Much love ladies!


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