Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day Dreamer...

I've been using my HD Panasonic FZ45 Lumix lots more these days. I got it for my birthday this year :D its a neat little camera. At the moment I'm coming to the end of an 'Art foundation course', to sum up what it is; Its where you take a year out just to focus on art and every aspect of it, photography, fashion, fine art, 3D design, architecture etc.. So basically you try your hand at everything and then decided which avenue you wish to pursue at university rather than saying "i want to take fine art." Get there, hate it and wish you did fashion!

Just so you guys can get to know me a bit more, I'll show you a Dress i made this past year for the fashion Project. We had to take Something old and Make it New.. I chose a Child's baby grow if you can see the legs/ zip are covering Alice's
Bust lol And it also had to be based on something organic so i chose Shells.The bottom half is made out of wire and padded underneath, it kind of turned into a jellyfish in the end instead of a shell. I love how Bright the colours look in the photos :D

I Made this in a Week so i was quite Proud and did Enjoy it very much but i don't think i could handle a Fashion course if you know what i mean ;P

I Absolutely Love Alice and thank her so much for doing the photo shoot She did for me I think she looks amazing but she hates the photos lol.. I'm proud of them and her so i thought I'd show you :D

It might surprise you that fashion is not my path though i love Clothes and style i doing think i have the patients to make it.

I've been doing graphics/3d products since GCSE so its always been at the front of my mind, I'm hoping to get more into Animation and Moving image when i get to Uni.


Its been a Dream of mind for as long as i can remember to work for a company as big as Apple or Pixar.. I'd Love to one day be a Creative director for Graphics / Special effects company! .. BIG DREAMS I KNOW LOL! We'll See..

Till next time :D xoxo

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