Sunday, May 29, 2011

My NEW Primer!

I recently have become very suspicious of ingredients in beauty products and I've been trying to go PARABEN FREE!! I've actually been working on a project to do with Parabens for my course; so I'd like to think I'm fully updated with Parabens as of yet. :)
I scurried down to my local Superdrug to pick up my BEAUTY CARD!.. (Hallelujah they finally Caved In); and I was looking down the extensively long line of skincare, searching for a Paraben FREE Moisturiser to my daily routine. Right at the very bottom shelf almost unnoticeable, i came across a new organic brand called 'Amie'.

Morning DewMatte-finish Moisturiser for the softest, dewiest shine free skin. 90g
Natural Actives: Organic Rosehip; Bilberry; Vitamin E.
Mineral oil free, pH balanced, Paraben free.

I thought when I used it, it would just be a basic moisturiser but no Its MAGICAL! Its looks Thick in the tube but honestly its not you only need a smidgen on the places you need it the most, for me its my T-ZONE. You can feel it settling into the skin really quickly. My one PET HATE with some moisturiser is that your skin feels tacky, Sticky or film like. BUT this doesn't your left with a matte, smooth and silky base to start your foundation!! 
What drew me to this product the most was its 'Matte-finish'. Now on the website it says its designed for teenagers, now i don't know about you but i hate when companies claim they are miracles for teens so i was a bit sceptical.

I think this a perfect dupe for the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion.
For a start it looks practically the same but the DDM is so thick and it cost £18 and i find its way to thick and heavy to wear under makeup and as for the Amie Morning Dew Lotion I think I'd have to say I'm not only saving money I'm getting a better formulation and its Paraben free! :)  

I hope this helped some girls who dont like these clear silicone primers like smashbox or gosh but want something moisterizing and mattifiying in one bottle well i've found it! :D

Love Emma xoxo

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